Underground - Episode 5
Date 03-04-2018
(air date: 06-04-2018)
Venue The Garage
City London, ENG
Broadcaster RFPW Network
TV rating TBA
Previous episode Underground E4
Next episode Underground E6

General InformationEdit

The fifth episode of Underground took place in The Garage, London, England.

Commentary: Jeffrey Blight

RFPW E-FED Underground - Episode 5 Zack Gibson vs

RFPW E-FED Underground - Episode 5 Zack Gibson vs. Jordan Devlin-0

Match Card and ResultsEdit

## Match Stipulation
1. Lana Austin defeated Marti Belle via count-out.
2. Damien & Dezmond Xavier defeated CCK via escaping the cage. #1 Contendership - Tag Team Championship
3. Zack Gibson defeated Jordan Devlin via pinfall. #1 Contendership - RFPW Championship
  • (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match