Underground - Episode 1
Date 06-03-2018
Venue The Garage
City London, ENG
Broadcaster RFPW Network
TV rating 0,02
Previous episode Debut
Next episode Underground E2

General InformationEdit

The first episode of Underground took place in The Garage, London, England. The new flagship show of RFPW saw Jeffrey Blight take command as acting General Manager, for the time being.

Matt Riddle, former RFPW Champion, was unhappy that he got stripped of the title, following the new sponsors of RFPW. He then took control in his own hands, by punching down Blight with a microphone, leading to an inmpromptu match.

Mid-show, Santana Garrett bumped into old rival Ivelisse backstage, which will be settled in due time.

Commentary: Nigel Hardy and Jeffrey Blight

RFPW E-FED Underground - Episode 1

RFPW E-FED Underground - Episode 1

Match Card and ResultsEdit

## Match Stipulation
1. Jeffrey Blight defeated Matt Riddle via pinfall.
2. Jazzy Gabert defeated Piper Niven via pinfall. Women's Championship
3. Joe Coffey defeated Damien, David Starr, Joseph Conners,
Mark Andrews and Mark Haskins by taking the Championship from the ladder.
RFPW Championship
  • (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match