Championship HistoryEdit

2015: The OriginationEdit

With the creation of the Juniors Division by RFPW owner Jeffry in early 2015, came new titles.

One of them was the Juniors Women's Championship, contested by the Junior Women's division,

Mid-2015: RebrandingEdit

The championship got renamed the Young Lionesses Championship, because of the rebranding of the show, now The Youngsters

2016: The AcademyEdit

With the new show in 2016, called The Academy, the championship has been rebranded to the Female Students Championship. The Academy is not only a show, but is also where the competitors will live, train and socialize.

2016-2017: NEW, The New ChapterEdit

The championship sees a new rebranding, following the Female Students roster being put in the new developmental system, called New Endeavor Wrestling.

2018: RFPW AcademyEdit

The RFPW Academy will return to air, following a new influx of talents.

Championship ReignsEdit

Name Date Show Days Reign
Ariella Wolf 01-03-2015 Juniors' Special 21 1
Kay Ling 22-03-2015 Extermination 26 1
Ariella Wolf 17-04-2015 The Juniors Y2 E3 28 2
Lucca Ashtear 15-05-2015 The Juniors Y2 E7 21 1
Ariella Wolf 05-06-2015 The Juniors Y2 E9 72 3
Risa 16-08-2015 Fight Night Y2 E16 15 1
Ariella Wolf 31-08-2015 The Juniors Y2 E17 4 4
Kim Blight 04-09-2015 Boom Y2 E18 3 1
Ariella Wolf 07-09-2015 The Juniors Y2 E18 6 5
Kim Blight 13-09-2015 The Juniors Y2 E19 69 2
"Young Lionesses" Era
Mercedes Ricci 21-11-2015 LIVE: Falcon's House II 1 1
Erica Li 22-11-2015 LIVE: Falcon's House III 17 1
Erica Li got promoted to the main roster and vacated the championship.
Ariella Wolf 03-01-2016 The Academy Ep. 1 21 6
Camilla Leeuwenhoek 24-01-2016 The Academy Ep. 4 27 1
Kim Blight 20-02-2016 The Academy Ep. 6 65 3
Camilla Leeuwenhoek 25-04-2016 Monday Night Fight Night Y3 E4 6 2
Camilla Leeuwenhoek got promoted to the main roster and vacated the championship.
Kay Lee Ray 08-08-2016 The Academy 47 25 1
Ivelisse Velez 02-09-2016 The Academy 50 13 1
The championship got deactivated when NEW was merged into RFPW when The Academy got cancelled.
Kim Blight 04-03-2017 The Academy 51 22 4
Ariella Wolf 26-03-2017 The Academy 53 24 7
The championship was put on inactive due to the Academy being taken off air.
Rachel Walker 16-03-2018 RFPW Academy E1 15 1
Mercedes Ricci 31-03-2018 RFPW Academy E3 2

Longest ReignsEdit

Name Total Reign Won
Ariella Wolf 176 days 7x
Kim Blight 159 days 4x
Camilla Leeuwenhoek 33 days 2x
Kay Ling 26 days 1x
Kay Lee Ray 25 days 1x
Lucca Ashtear 21 days 1x
Erica Li Parker 17 days 1x
Rachel Walker 15 days 1x
Risa 15 days 1x
Ivelisse (Vélez) 13 days 1x
Mercedes Ricci 1+ day 2x
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